Live Victorious is a true lifestyle brand created in Las Vegas, NV by an aspiring fashion designer and artist at heart, Justin Chavez. With no prior experience or business background, Justin has managed to attract a team of hand-selected, like-minded individuals all with a common goal, to redefine the fashion industry.

It all started in 2012 with a dream and a hand-drawn LV logo! What originally started as an ode to the city, has now catapulted into a nationwide and worldwide lifestyle movement. The overall story behind this homegrown brand may seem like a transcription from a fairy tale or novel, but truly entails of struggle, inspiration, passion, vision persistence and necessity.

Victory is the very essence of our brand. It’s simple. Our name bares our message.

Living Victorious can be understood universally and translated in any language!

Live Victorious means to “Triumph Over Life’s Obstacles and Remain Humble”.

Through fashion, we will inspire and be inspired. With savvy street appeal, a positive message, numerous celebrity endorsements, timeless logos, a fully interactive eCommerce site, thousands of free promotional products and innovative designs, LV has managed to cultivate a massive grass-roots following.

Live Victorious is ready to open a flagship store on the Las Vegas Strip. A dream that our founder, Justin Chavez, had the day he designed the first logo. We will capitalize on brand recognition globally by selling to the millions of national and international tourists visiting Las Vegas and taking the brand back home. Family and friends will be able to purchase our products on our international website,