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Gold LV Classic Pendant


We LOVE you Las Vegas.

The community Has Come Together and there have been countless acts of heroism and donations. Our love, thoughts, and prayers go out to all the families affected by this tragic act in this city we love so much. During times of tragedy, we must all come together as one. They’ve only made us stronger #LV! We want to do our part and help so we’ve come together with a plan to raise $5,000. We need your help #Vegas.

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Originally, we wanted to drop these new Gold LV charms on our site and at our shop and sell them for $15. These LV charms are a symbol of Hope and Pride for #LasVegas! Get one and give back at the same time. Now, we are donating 100 pieces and selling them for $50 each. Totaling $5,000. 100% of the sales will go to the victims of this tragedy and be completely transparent.

For your generous donation you will receive:

1.) 1 Gold LV charm of Pride and Hope
2.) 1 Commemorative t-shirt (1 of 100)
3.) Your signature on Donation Card

Please help.
☆Ask us for further details or
Stop by the shop tomorrow for your Charm.
Available on site tomorrow also.

Through Tragedy we will Triumph.
We #LiveVictorious in #LasVegas!!

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